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"I’m bowled over and immeasurably grateful!!!
Thank you for this heart expanding work!
And your awesome skills.
Really, all so appreciated and inspiring. And beautiful!
Felt like a massive education and a million shots of good medicine.
Thank you so much.
It was great to connect ,
and just how cool you are put me at ease, and cut through a lot of tension I’ve been holding onto."


"Thank you again! Ever since my heart wall has been lifted, I have felt so much elation, joy, and ease! Harper and I are acting like new people, or better phrased, like our true selves! Life is beautiful and thank you again for helping us realign! It feels great!"


"Christina is in significantly less pain today. I haven't seen her with this much energy or pain-free in so many months!!! She's a different kid today and I have no other explanation other than what you were able to do for her last night. Thank you for coming into my life!"


"I just wanted to say thank you! I've experienced some profound changes since our session. I also had a chiropractic adjustment and a massage this week (since our session). Both practitioners were wowed by the changes they saw and felt. Thank you again!


"Donna Shaw worked with me during my fourth pregnancy. She helped to transform my mindset and in turn heal my severe nausea. Though I had experienced mild forms of nausea in past pregnancies, I had never experienced severe, sometimes crippling nausea as I did with my fourth. The combination of stress from covid-19, homeschooling, and a surprise pregnancy had me feeling a bit out of control. Donna was able to hone in and connect with my energy. She read and listened to my body. She exposed me to feelings within my mind that I had not consciously acknowledged or even been aware existed. Her work with energy and her understanding of the connection between mother and baby is truly remarkable. She was able to relieve me of all nausea and feel a deeper connection with my pregnancy. I am truly so grateful for her eagerness to help me and for her ability to ease my nausea by understanding the needs of my mind and body. If you have never worked with a healer, please consider Donna. She is very knowledgeable, nurturing, and

caring. She truly is passionate about helping others have the most fulfilling lives they can. Thank you Donna for helping me to enjoy my pregnancy sooner and for relieving me of the uncertainty and worry I was holding on to."


"Thank you for all of your help! You have made great changes in my life!"



"I am a much happier person and have been able to enjoy this postpartum phase and soak it in rather than being anxious and constantly yelling at my older two kids because I could not control my anxiety. I am forever thankful for Donna and her energy work for helping me obtain a more peaceful pregnancy and postpartum experience."



"I wanted to send a HUGE thank you for your energy work last week. I have been feeling pretty great! Thank you for sharing your gift with us and holding a safe space for our emotions! You are an incredible energy healer!"



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